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Oil Painting - Windows

Title: 1st July
A hidden concept of symbolism is presented with a real window frame which creates my interpretation of “Dada” in my works. 1st July 1997 was the day Hong Kong handing from UK back to China.  Since then Hong Kong still has no democracy or any progress towards democracy. Therefore, half million people in Hong Kong felt so frustrated and started the peaceful demonstration on the streets on 1st July 2003 to voice our demand for democracy.  Then 1st July has become the date for peaceful demonstration every year until our demand for democracy to be met.  In this painting, a street scene of the peaceful demonstration on 1st July is depicted with a real window frame which makes it so surreal.
One may interpret that the viewer is the bystander of the 1st July Democracy March who is just peeping through the window!  One may also imagine that this is a reminder of the 1st July March in your memory to remember you to join the March every year until there is real democracy in Hong Kong one day!


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