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"Windows" - A Solo Exhibition of Paintings and Sculptures by Winnie Siu Davies was held from 21st Sept to 6th Oct 2011 at the Fringe Club, Central, Hong Kong.

Living in Hong Kong such confine space, window is vital to provide a vision from the outside world to the inside inhabitant.  The intangible void space of a window is far more appreciated than the physical form of the buildings.  Advertising billboards, signs and neon lights are most common scenes one can perceive through windows in Hong Kong.  One may also gaze the windows of other buildings through one’s windows.  Reflections of isolation, confinement and issues of modern urban life are closely examined through “Windows”.

Here are some of the photos taken at the Exhibition.

International Sculpture Symposium

Winnie Siu Davies has recently returned from the Changchun International Sculpture Symposium in China.  Her sculpture “Dream - Dragon DNA” was selected to display permanently in North Lake – Wetland Park, Changchun.  There were 104 professional sculptors from all over the world spending one and half months in the Symposium to make their own sculptures of their own unique styles.  A collection of photos of the selected sculptures was made as a digital collage also showing in the Exhibition. Please click here to check out more about the Symposium.

Photos of sculptures and sculptors, their names and nations are printed on a digital collage.

Visitors were impressed by all the sculptures made by all the international sculptors.

The digital collage of international sculptures drew attention from visitors.

One of my favouite students came to the Opening.

Mr Will Morgan, the British Deputy Consul-general came to the Opening.

Friends from movie industry and architects came to the Opening.