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Windows - A Solo Exhibition of Paintings and Sculptures by Winnie Davies
Window is only an intangible void space of the solid form of a building. However, this intangible void space is vital to the solid form. Through this void space, it makes a connection between inside and outside. Without the void space, the space inside is totally isolated from outside, and the outside space is totally irrelevant to inside space without the void space existence.
This series of my paintings is based on the theme of windows, you may imagine whether you are inside looking outside through windows, or you are outside peeping inside through the windows from outside. Through these windows, one may perceive the reflection of different issues, such as social injustice and political incorrectness in Hong Kong.

Opening Reception: 16th Dec (Thu) 2010, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Exhibition until 8th Jan 2011

Venue: Culture Club Gallery, 15 Elgin Street (Lower), SOHO, Central, Hong Kong (Mon - Sat 3:00pm - 2:00am)

Inquiry: (852) 9332 0424

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Lay Bare

Girl behind Bars

Man behind Bars

Empty Chair

Horses continue to race

Continue to Dance (SOLD)

1st July


Window - Spring

Window - Summer

Window - Autumn

Window - Winter